What is ReleaseFox?

ReleaseFox is a brand new way to fill out and store your model and property releases for photography and video. If you are photographing models or recognizable property for the use of stock photography or for hire jobs, you will need a photo release.


Why did we create ReleaseFox?

We’re photographers ourselves and we were frustrated with the process of filling out and storing model releases on the go. There were options out there, but we wanted to build a system that would fit our needs and wants. And so ReleaseFox was born.


Is ReleaseFox a beta program?

No, ReleaseFox is not a beta, but we are constantly seeking to improve it’s functionality to make it the best it can possibly be. Any feedback you have is greatly appreciated and will be considered for future implementations. You can send all suggestions/ideas to info@releasefox.com.


When do I need to use a photo or property release?

Anytime you are photographing a model or recognizable private property and have the intent to sell or publish the photographs.


What is the difference between a photo/video and property release?

A model release is a legal release signed by the subject of a photograph/video granting permission to use or publish the photograph or video in one form or another.

If you are including in your item the face or identifiable features of any person on video or recognizable private property or photograph, you will need a signed model release from that person or property owner.

A property release is a legal release signed by the owner of property used in a photograph or video granting permission to use or publish the photograph or video in one form or another.

Authors do not need one for public property, such as government buildings. For images of private property — and particularly of objects that are closely identified with specific people — photographers are urged to get a release.


How much does ReleaseFox cost?

ReleaseFox is a one-time fee of $9.99 on both iOS and Android. No subscriptions anymore, just a one-time payment.


How many releases can I store with ReleaseFox?

You can store unlimited releases with ReleaseFox.


Who sees my releases?

No one but you. We blindly store your releases and personal information on our secure servers. No one will have access to your releases unless you share with them your login information.


Does ReleaseFox work offline?

Yes, ReleaseFox works offline. If you are working offline, ReleaseFox will store your newly created releases on your phone until you once again have service. When you are again connected to service, ReleaseFox will sync with our servers and back up your releases on your ReleaseFox web portal.


What happens to my releases after I cancel my subscription?

You’re welcome to continue your subscription in Archive mode. For $1/month, we will store your releases as long as you need, but you won’t be able to create any new ones. If you completely discontinue your ReleaseFox subscription, we will store your releases for one year. After the one year is up, your releases will be purged from the system.


Does ReleaseFox have customer service?

Yes we do 🙂 You can reach us by email at info@releasefox.com. We will get back with you as quickly as we can! Thanks!